Dr. Alan Hutchins’ Conference @ Atlantykron 2014

Dr. Alan Hutchins’ Conference @ Atlantykron 2014

I would like to teach about the type of healing work that I do.  

Most of us are aware that there is a deeper reality than what we experience with our five senses on a superficial level.  The essence of this deeper reality is primarily a mystery and is behind the organizing intelligence that creates and maintains the body.  Our bodies are an expression of the essential nature of creation itself.  With some amazing feedback tools we are able to diagnose and treat imbalances in how this intelligence is expressing itself in the body.

Using techniques based on the science of Applied Kinesiology(muscle testing) we are able to see how the life force in the body is blocked or out of balance.  These techniques work with the structure of the spine and skeleton, acupuncture meridians, endocrine glands, body organs, chakras and the fascia.  We are able to balance these systems by clearing misalignments, emotional issues and nutritional deficiencies.

When we have first hand feedback from the body it opens us to the miracle of what we are.  We recognize that each one of us is an expression of a life force that is bigger than our egos.  When we open to this energy on a deeper level we can feel healthier, stronger and ‘in tune’ with our own paths and evolution in this lifetime.  

The same principles that organize our individual systems also organize all living systems and the universe itself.  For example, the Earth is a living system that is self organized and self balancing.  Sacred sites around the world can be seen as the acupuncture points in the body.  Building Sacred Geometrical structures or doing ceremony in these places helps bring balance and evolution to the planet as a whole.  Creating ‘coherence’ and resonance is the key to vibrant health in all living systems.  This state allows energies to transfer from higher dimensions into this one.

In this presentation I will cover the basic principles of this work and demonstrate how it is put into practice.  I will be inviting lots of questions so that we can explore these topics together.