Erisa K. Hines Invitat Virtual

Erisa K. Hines Invitat Virtual

Virtual Guest, Systems Engineer - Rover Planer for Mars 2020 mission - NASA
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Erisa K. Hines, systems engineer – Jet Propulsion Laboratory, will be one of our virtual guests.

Erisa Hines is currently working on two Mars missions at JPL. She is training to be a driver for the Curiosity rover currently operating on Mars. She is also on the Cruise and EDL systems team for a mission that will return to Mars in the year 2020 and collect samples to be retrieved and brought back to Earth for study by a future mission. She helped develop new capabilities for Curiosity’s mobility system after landing. Before landing, she helped fly the rover from Earth to Mars during the Cruise portion of the mission as part of the Attitude Control Systems team. Prior to Curiosity, she worked on the DAWN Asteroid mission and Altair, the next generation moon lander design. On Altair, Erisa was part of the flight system engineering team and participated in “lunar G” (think zeroG) test flights in Houston.

Erisa grew up in northeastern Missouri. Her college years started as an undergraduate in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at the University of Miami in Florida. She spent two summers working for the Defense Intelligence Agency. She then made her way to MIT and spent three years on Aerospace Engineering and Technology Policy graduate studies in Cambridge, MA. After graduating and interning for a summer at JPL, she served the following summer with Engineering Ministries International in Colorado Springs before moving to Pasadena to work at JPL full-time.

Outside of work, she is involved in her church community, enjoys Caltech theater, and outdoor activities like hiking.