Gabriela Calinciuc

Gabriela Calinciuc

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Gabriela, este membru activ al Asociatiei Atlantykron, participand la Academia de Vara de peste 25 de ani

Asigura Coordonarea si  promovarea in mediul virtual a activitatilor asociatie dar in special pe cele ale Academiei Atlantykron 


  • Element grafic Universitatea din București

    Universitatea din București

    Master in International RelationsInternational Relations and Affairs


    Activități și societăți:Geopolitics, International Law, Foreign Policy, Theories of IR, Strategic Studies, Political History of URSS, Russian and post-Soviet politics, European Foreign and Security Policy

    The disciplines are organised on the three analytical dimensions – historical, strategic and legal – of International Relations. There is also a focus of studies on geographical areas relevant to Romania and European security architecture.
    Final Thesis: Russian influence in Central Asia; Case study: Kazakhstan

  • Element grafic Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia

    Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia

    Russian Studies for Advanced StudentsPhilologyB2


    Activități și societăți:A history of Russian Rulers, XX Century History of Soviet Union, History of Russian Literature, Russian Language (grammar, phonetics, vocabulary)

    Completed rigorous Russian language courses focused on enhancing and expanding proficiency in Russian vocabulary, grammar, stylistics, and phonetics. Engaged in interdisciplinary studies encompassing politics, history, and culture of Russia, facilitating the development of advanced communicative skills and speech habits.

  • Element grafic Academy of economic studies of Bucharest

    Academy of economic studies of Bucharest

    Bachelor in International Economic Relations International Economics


    Activități și societăți:International Trade, European Economic Integration, European Law, Geopolitics, Geostrategic Resources, History of the World Economy, International Negotiation, Public Relations, Comparative Economic Policies, Econometrics, International Finance

    Final Thesis: Competitive advantage of the Russian Federation on the nuclear energy market

  • Element grafic UNESCO Center for Peace (United States, Washington DC)

    UNESCO Center for Peace (United States, Washington DC)

    Delegate MUNInternational/Global Studies


    Participated in educational and academic simulations of diplomatic decision-making processes. Developed a comprehensive understanding of international relations, international public law, the United Nations, and other international organizations. Honed negotiation, research, public speaking, debating, writing, teamwork, and cultural empathy skills.

Experiență în voluntariat

  • Youthpass ERASMUS+ Poitiers (France)

    Youthpass ERASMUS+ Poitiers (France)

    Erasmus Mundus Programme

     – 1 lună

    Drepturile omului

    The project took place in Poitiers, France and involved practical and theoretical sessions with local representatives to understand the multimedia mechanisms in order to defend, in the spirit of European democratic values, local, national or international cause.

  • English Teacher, Izmir (Turkey)

    English Teacher, Izmir (Turkey)

    AIESEC Türkiye

     – 3 luni


    Organise English lessons for Turkish young students at the Karja Summer School organized by KARGEM (Karachi Municipality Youth Education Center).

  • Account Manager

    AIESEC in Romania

     – 4 luni

    Abilitare economică

    ◦ Discover new potential partnerships
    ◦ Build and manage relationships with existing client base
    ◦ Understand the technical and business aspects of each client
    ◦ Negotiating contracts and agreements
    ◦ Evaluate and manage new initiatives and business opportunities

  • Youthpass ERASMUS+ Zakopane (Poland)

    Youthpass ERASMUS+ Zakopane (Poland)

    Erasmus Mundus Programme

     – 1 lună

    Drepturi civile și acțiune socială

    The purpose of the activities was for students to acquire the proper knowledge in order to increase the awareness for drug consumption in the society. At the end of the program we organise a social event for the local Polish community.

  • English Teacher, Sankt Petersburg (Russia)

    English Teacher, Sankt Petersburg (Russia)

    AIESEC in Moscow

     – 3 luni


    The project aimed to organise and support interactive English lessons in a multicultural manner with enforcement on personal development and cultural issues.