Greg Fenlong

Greg Fenlong

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Greg Fenlong is a yoga teacher and engineer from Rochester, New York who has extensively studied many yogic disciplines as well as Tibetan sound healing.  Greg calls his style of yoga Indigo Flow, a Vinyasa flow class tempered with Hatha and other yogic

elements. This class covers the whole body,  with extra attention to the shoulders and hips. The breath

is the metronome. We slowly make our way to a flow of classic vinyasa shapes and movement through a connection with the breath. Some prior experience with yoga is beneficial.


I came into the yoga world in 2005 upon attending my first Yoga class offered for free at work. The hook

was set with that first class, practicing for a year once a week with a very inspirational teacher whom I

would eventually study with full time, Enrique Fulchi. After this first year with a growing meditation

practice, I realized how yoga was so much more than stretching, it was a lifestyle. It was the path to

higher awareness.

10 years of Hatha practice eventually expanded to include other types of yoga including Bikram, Yin,

Kundalini, and Vinyasa Flow. My training as a yoga teacher (RYT200) was in the Vinyasa Flow style, which

is the basis for my own class format.

Many years ago Enrique gave me a Tibetan bowl. Over the years, this bowl garnered friends and as a

lifetime musician and engineer, I had to unlearn my traditional musical notions in order to understand

the way of the Tibetan bowls. LunaSol Sound is this exploration, a unique but powerful ensemble of fine

metal that enables energetic transformation with ancient technology when brought to ceremony with

modern humans.


Yoga experience:

•  10 years of practice in the Hatha Yoga tradition with Enrique Fulchi of Atman Yoga

•  5+ years of practice of Bikram Yoga

•  RYT200 training with Danielle Rinalo in the Vinyasa Flow tradition.

•  1+ year practice of Kundalin Yoga with Kamilla (online)

•  5+ years teaching experience at Pele Yoga (now Atha Yoga), Rochester Hot Yoga, Lolia eco-

village Hawaii.

•  4+ years developing a unique Tibetan Sound Healing platform, including many ceremonies (full

moon, new moon, solstices, equinoxes).