Emma Woolridge

Emma Woolridge

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A traveller of many worlds, Emma is an eclectic individual who bridges the seemingly opposite worlds of finance and spirituality.  Specialising
in transformation and change, clients have included Barclays, UBS, NYSE, LLoyds and Northern Trust with a skill set spanning programme management, digital marketing & strategy to content production.

Emma’s spiritual journey started almost 25 years ago when she entered the realm of martial arts and obtained her 1st Dan Black Belt.  This led to an interest in studying the human body and she later studied many disciplines and certified as a massage therapist, yoga teacher and yoga therapist. 

Holding a 2:1 Science honours degree in Music Technology, Emma is also a musician specialising in the voice, vibration, resonance and sacred space.  Her academic research was awarded the Worshipful Musicians Award for Most Outstanding Dissertation.

Her research has led her to India, Malta, the UK, Egypt, Italy and now Romania.

Emma’s interest with Romania synchronically weaves around the mysteries of the Bucegi mountains, holographics, matrixes, magic squares, portal systems, space time exploration, reality and consciousness.

Emma is also a student of Wing Chun Kung Fu, salsa and piano.