Felix Izomoch (VIRTUAL GUEST)

Felix Izomoch (VIRTUAL GUEST)

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Felix Iziomoh is the Principal Consultant at Beeflex Consultancy Ltd, also the founder and Executive Director of International Centre for Leadership Development Nigeria. He is the Nigerian Coordinator at International Institute for Global Leadership (IIGL) U.S.A, where he has formerly served as President, a Board member and as Executive Secretary. A Core team member of NELIS – Next Leaders Initiative for Sustainability – Japan. Felix is the African Program Manager of the flagship initiative 4Revolutions (4Revs), a co-creative ecosystem.

Felix is also a Founding Member of One Million Leaders Africa (OMLA).

His goal mapping programs have empowered more than 7,000 people across four countries. For more than eight years, thousands of young people have benefited from Felix’s personal development events.

Mr Iziomoh is the author of three books;

– African Leadership 101: 7 Secrets for African Renaissance,

– The Way Forward: 5 Effective Steps to Achieving Your Life Goals

– Goal Mapping: 7 Simple Steps to Fulfilling Your Dreams

and co-author the book

– Creating Your Path through Leadership.

He is a Certified Goal Mapping Practitioner, to him Goal Mapping is not just about mapping wellbeing, career, finance, relationships, educational or personal goals and achieving them. It is about lifting lives, empowering and inspiring people to become a better person and achieving their life goals.


About Goal Mapping: The Goal Mapping Technique

The Goal Mapping technique is 7 simple steps that help to active a person’s ‘whole-brain’ by using a unique combination of words and images. The process of going through the 7 steps of Goal Mapping creates great levels of conscious clarity about What is to be achieved, the Priority and Why, When, How and Who will be needed.

By creating a Goal Map in words and pictures, it activates both sides of the brain, helping to balancing vision with strategy. This process also powerfully commands the subconscious mind, which works like a personal autopilot, to motivate and empower the user towards the achievement of their targets and goals.

Goal Mapping is truly universal and can be focused for specific situations and used ongoing after the workshop to support achievement in many areas and objectives.