Wisdom Art USA Arizona

Wisdom Art USA Arizona

Wisdom Art Associates Program


What is the Wisdom Art Associates Program?

The Wisdom Art Associates Program was developed as easy way to increase your income or product line, offering no risk to you.

Using personal astrology and gemstones linked to each planet, Wisdom Art creates custom, handcrafted, one of a kind jewelry. The jewelry is a mathematical replica of the planet as they were aligned in space the moment you or the person your giving it to, was born. So wear your universe the moment you were born.

How much money can I make?

You will make 20% of every Astro PlanetTM Jewelry piece sold.

What do I have to do?

With The Wisdom Art Associates Program you can make money today using any combination of the three ways.

1. You will be provided with a promotional code. Just tell your family, friends, clients, customers to use your code and not only will they recieve 30% off but you will get paid for every sale. (We can provide you with professionally prnted post cards with your promotional code.)

2. Put a Wisdom Art Banner, that we provide, on your web site, blog or social network.(Your banner will have a promotional code that linkes the sale to you and gives everyone that uses it 30% off.)

3. Easily sell Astro Planet TM Jewelry directly on your web site. (We will give you everything you need and work with your vision.) After orders we can ship to you or directly to your customer.