Academician Nicolae ZAMFIR

Academician Nicolae Zamfir, vicepresedinte al Academiei Române Dl Nicolae Zamfir este absolvent al Facultății de Fizică. Imediat după aceasta, și-a început cariera de cercetător științific...
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NASA CURIOSITY MISSION TO MARS Inginer de sistem pentru Intrare, Coborare si Aterizare a Roverului Curiosity Ravi Prakash joined JPL in 2005 and was part...
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Prof Dr. Teodor VASILE,

Profesor Asociat al Facultății de Psihologie și Științele Educației, Universitatea București, Programul de Master. Președinte al Asociației de Studii Esoterice, Feng Shui și Terapii Complementare...
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Cristian Presura

Cristian Presură s-a născut în 1971 la Voineasa şi a urmat studiile facultăţilor de electrotehnică şi fizică. A lucrat la Institutul de Fizică Atomică, unde...
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Prof. Alexandru Mironov

Alexandru Mironov este scriitor, jurnalist și fost sportiv român, fost ministru al tineretului și sportului între anii 1993 și 1996. A absolvit Facultatea de Matematică...
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Dr. Ing. Florin Munteanu

Doctor în Ştiinţe:  Inginerie Industrială; specializat în aplicaţii ale Știinţei Complexităţii în inginerie, econofizică, geodinamică şi mediu, precum şi în politici de integrare în educaţie...
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Prof.dr. Radu Dop

Radu Dop, specialist in „medicina critica”, a participat in SUA la programul „Eisenhower Fellowships”, care pregateste viitori lideri mondiali. Chirurg de exceptie, cu cariera universitara si...
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Dr. Eliot SOREL

Eliot SOREL, MD, DLFAPA Founding Editor in Chief Global Mental Health and Psychiatry Review Clinical Professor Global Health, Health Policy & Management, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences  School...
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Dr. Sorin Salajan

Dr Sorin Salajan Absolvent al Universitatii  de Medicina si Farmacie Cluj Napoca in 1989, Specializare in chirurgie si ortopedie pediatrica in cadrul Spitalului MS Curie...
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Jacque Fresco Invitat Virtual

Jacque Fresco, one of our virtual guests, is an American futurist and self-described social engineer. Fresco is self-taught and has worked in a variety of positions related...
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Heather Anderson

Heather Anderson’s (Caton) formal academic studies include a degree in Art Education with a focus in Psychology and a Masters in Social Work with a...
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Greg Fenlong

Greg Fenlong is a yoga teacher and engineer from Rochester, New York who has extensively studied many yogic disciplines as well as Tibetan sound healing.  Greg calls...
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Peter Moon

Peter Moon was born in San Fernando, California and grew up in both Southern and Northern California. Interested exclusively in athletics in his early years,...
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Dr. Cristina Artenie

Dr. Cristina Artenie is a Victorian scholar whose work focuses on 19th-century British colonial literature. She is the editor in chief of Universitas Press, an...
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Aurel Cărășel

Aurel Cărășel este profesor, ziarist și scriitor român și unul dintre membrii fondatori ai Academiei Atlantykron. Aurel Cărășel a absolvit Facultatea de Filologie din Craiova...
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Ing. Cristina TAMAS

Ing. Cristina Tămaș, dezvoltator la centrul de cercetare AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, specializată în aplicații bazate pe fizica cuantică. Născută la Cluj, în 1968, este licențiată...
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George Alexander Wake

Invitat Virtual CEO Hippocrates Success Institute International Characterology Expert – Nonfiction Author – Success Coach George Alexander is a German expert and one of the...
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Razvan Buzatu

Razvan Buzatu este expert în construcție de stat și dezvoltare și transformare de instituții  publice, private și asociative. Cumulează 19 de ani de experiență în...
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Adrian Buzatu

Adrian Buzatu ( este cercetător postdoctorand în fizica particulelor elementare la institutul Academia Sinica din Taipei, Taiwan. Este bazat la laboratorul CERN de la Geneva,...
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Wargha Enayati

Wargha Enayati este fondatorul Rețelei private de sănătate REGINA MARIA, medic specialist în cardiologie. De origine germană, a început Facultatea de Medicină în Regensburg, Germania...
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Thomas Wollenberger

Thomas Wollenberger is a young entrepreneur building an AgTech company in California. His company Aeroasis addresses key issues surrounding food waste and resource scarcity in...
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Norman Spinrad

Norman Richard Spinrad is an American science fiction author, essayist, and critic. His fiction has won the Prix Apollo and been nominated for numerous awards,...
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Dr. David L ANDERSON Invitat Virtual

Invitat (virtual) la Atlantykron 2019 Presedinte al Companiei Anderson Multinational Fondator al Fundatiei World Genesis David Lewis Anderson, born in Weirton, West Virginia is a physicist...
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Invitat special la Atlantykron 2014 Nicolae Voiculeţ  va sustine un concert live la Atlantykron pe Insula Inelul de piatra  in seara zilei de 5 august,...
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Gyuri Pascu

Ioan Gyuri Pascu is a Romanian pop music singer, producer, actor and comedian, also known for his participation in the comedy troupe Divertis and for...
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Valentin NICOLAU

 Scriitor, Publicist, Directorul Grupului NEMIRA  Valentin Nicolau (n. 22 iunie 1960, București) este un geofizician, scriitor și antreprenor român. Valentin Nicolau este fondatorul Editurii Nemira,...
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Sebastian A Corn

Sebastian A. Corn (n. 26 martie 1960, București), pseudonimul literar al lui Florin Chirculescu, este un scriitor de science fiction din România.A publicat primele texte în...
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Romulus Barbulescu

Romulus Bărbulescu (October 27, 1925, Sulina – February 9, 2010, Bucharest ) was a Romanian science-fiction writer.   In 1963, Bărbulescu published „Constellations from the...
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George Anania

George Anania (July 14, 1941, Măgurele – April 5, 2013) was a Romanian science-fiction writer and translator.

Robert Sheckley

Robert Sheckley was an American writer. First published in the science fiction magazines of the 1950s, his numerous quick-witted stories and novels were famously unpredictable,...
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Paul Rosner

President of the United States Kickboxing Association, Senior Director of the World Genesis Foundation, and Photography Program Coordinator.

Dan Lucas

USKBA World Heavyweight Champion Kickboxer.  Atlantykron Kickboxing Instructor.

Guy P. Djoken

Presedinte al Centrului pentru Pace UNESCO, Comisia Națională pentru UNESCO a Statelor Unite ale Americii Invitat special la Atlantylron 2019 Guy Djoken, MBA is Executive...
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Alain Le Bussy

Alain Le Bussy (born in 1947) is a prolific Belgian author of science fiction who won the Prix Rosny-Aîné in 1993. He has written more...
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Mike Manning

Geologist will offer a lecture on Rocks, Minerals and Gemstones.

Vilmos Zsombori

President for National Commission for Nuclear Activities Control of Romania.

Mary Ann Martini

Mary Ann Martini graduated with honors as a music and vocal scholarship student from the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, Massachusetts in the...
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Emil Strainu

Emil Străinu este un general român,autor, specialist în radiolocație[1], doctor în război geofizic. Este membru fondator al Asociației pentru Studiul Fenomenelor Aerospațiale Neidentificate (ASFAN). A...
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Viviana Vladutescu

Areas of Interest: Optics and remote sensing of the atmosphere Hygroscopic properties of aerosols Optical system designs, lasers and fiber optics applications on space system...
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Doctor in arte plastice Coordonator al Programului de Arta Aurel Manole este un artist inedit, pictează cu pasiune de la vârsta de patru ani. A...
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Randy Gordon

New York State Boxing Commission, Boxing publication editor, sports announcer and host of „Fight Club” on Sirius Satellite Radio.

Edgar Mitchell

Scientist, test pilot, naval officer, astronaut, entrepreneur, and author will share insights from his experiences walking on the moon, research in consciousness, and work in...
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Wilhelm Frey

Scientist for Robert Bosch Group.  Research and Technology Center Manager. Atlantykron Instructor of Microsensors, Nanotechnology and Western Line Dance.

Cerasella Craciun

Doctor in Architecture, specializing in Urbanism and Territorial Synergies.  Also coordinator of landscape planning in the studies of Urbanism at the University of Architecture and...
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Sibylle Colberg

Robert Bosch Group.  Vice President, Human Resources.  Leadership and Team Skills Instructor.

Chan Chow Wah

President of Cultural Compass Organization.  Fellow of the UK Royal Anthropological Institute and member of the American Anthropological Association.  Atlantykron Instructor of Chinese Culture, Cultural...
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Ed Belbruno

NASA Consultant from Princeton University will offer a lecture about „Lasers: In Space and On Earth,” recognizing the 50th anniversary of the laser.

Synthia Andrews

Lectures about the Akashic Record and Developing Energy Awareness.

Jake Mace

Jake Mace began studying martial arts at the age of 8 in British Columbia, Canada with kyokushin karate and continued with high school and collegiate...
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France McCloskey

France McCloskey lives in upstate New York, United States. She graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Social Science-Cognitive Science: Neuroscience/ Psychology at University...
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Ioan Opris

Wake Forest University School of Medicine Department of Physiology & Pharmacology Office 263, PTCRC Winston Salem, NC 27157, USA Phone: (336) 608-2444 E-mail: Personal:...
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Corneliu CHISU

Invitat de onoare la  Atlantykron 2018, 2019 Corneliu Chisu este  inginer profesionist si maior (in retragere) din Fortele Canadiene. In acest moment el este,  membru al...
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Joan Roth

Joan Roth isi va impartasi cunostintele si demonstra abilitatile in vindecarea intuitiva, activarea DNA, antica arta chinezeasca a citirii fetei dar si in alte studii...
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Tatiana Maassen

Tatiana a lucrat cu echipa lui Hulda Clark in Mexic in studiul special al Microorganismului Patogenic, Organelor si Conditiilor de Constiinta. Ea este de altfel...
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Emma Woolridge

A traveller of many worlds, Emma is an eclectic individual who bridges the seemingly opposite worlds of finance and spirituality.  Specialisingin transformation and change, clients have...
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Michael J. Gelb

Michael J. Gelb is the world’s leading authority on the application of genius thinking to personal and organizational development. He is a pioneer in the...
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Sacred site historian, Global researcher Vanda Osmon created Joy Travel in 1983, after a profound spiritual experience in Egypt. Her work is a service of...
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