Peter Moon – Time Travel in Romania Science Fiction or Science Fact

Peter Moon, on his ninth visit to Romania, will talk about the circumstances by which he came to Romania which was originally arranged by time control scientist, Dr. David Anderson, the founder of the World Genesis Foundation who lectured on the science and technology of time travel at Atlantykron in 2009.  At that time, David has stressed that Romania was a key point in world affairs because of its strategic location between East and West as well as its past history.
Peter’s interest and research into time travel has been further enhanced by Radu Cinamar, a Romanian author whose works have been published in the English language by Peter’s company, Sky Books. This research includes the Cioclovina Cave in Transylvania, an area which is steeped in mystery and that Peter will be revisiting after Atlantykron.

Peter Moon will be presenting 9 short videos on his new video series entitled “Time Travel Theory Explained”, based upon the work of Dr. David Anderson, which explains the basic mathematics and science behind travel and also shows the registered patent for the Time Reactor, a device which facilitates real time travel.  This will feature and question and answer session with the students.