The Future of food

The Future of food

Virtual Conference withThomas Wollenberger (USA: Florida)


Thomas Wollenberger is a young entrepreneur building an AgTech company in California. His company Aeroasis addresses key issues surrounding food waste and resource scarcity in homes and hyper local communities in the US and around the world. Through automation technologies and educational initiatives, Thomas has developed Aeroasis with a core team of engineers and advisors for the last 4 years in an effort to enable and empower communities globally to grow the highest quality food locally and with little work or risk. Thomas continues to share his passion for sustainable and local food production, working with UNESCO clubs and other global partners to make it happen. With a background in graphic design and product design, Thomas is building a future where most food is grown in small automated food farms that sit inside the home or community spaces, providing off grid and sustainable food solutions for everyone.

Thomas Wollenberger,

President and CEO of AEROASIS

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