Mini club de mecatronica si robotica Atlantykron

Atlantykron Mechatronics&Robotics
Acesta este un curs interactiv, unde o sa aplicam ceea ce vom invata. Vom incepe prin a invata basic-urile mecatronicii si roboticii, iar dupa vom dezvolta un proiect. Aici vom incerca sa dezvoltam spiritul de lucru in echipa, comunicarea si creearea unui prototip functional.
This is an interactive course, where we will apply the things we will learn. We will start by learning the basics of the mechatronics and robotics, and afterwards, we will start working on a project. Here, we will try to develop the teamwork capabilities, the communication skills and to create a fully-working prototype.
Instructor Paul Paraschiv
Durata: 7 zile
Cerinte de participare: Laptop (optional), caiet + pix