Vindecare Holistică și kinesiologie

Acest curs va demonstra cum pot fi localizate elementele de dezechilibru ale organizmului prin feedback-ul neuromuscular și cum se poate ajunge la cauza bolii sau disconfortului.

Vor fi discutate de asemenea aspecte legate de echilibrarea emoțională și despre diferite tehnici care pot îmbunătăți starea de bine.

Instructor: DR. ALAN HUTCHINS:

Alan is a Chiropractic Physician and Holistic Care Practitioner from Woodstock, NY who practices a specialized form of Chiropractic called Applied Kinesiology that focuses on locating patterns of imbalance through specific neuromuscular feedback. This allows him to focus on the cause of „dis-ease” and apply different treatments such as physical adjustments, acupuncture meridian therapy, nutrition, homeopathy, and physiologically based emotional clearing techniques to restore balance and well being. He has spent years traveling to sacred sites, including Romania, to study and learn about indigenous and ancient cultures.

Alan will see individuals on a daily basis and also offer a seminar on his work.