Atlantykron Summer Academy of Learning 

Message from the
General Program Coordinator

Sorin G. Repanovici
Vice President,

World Genesis Foundation

The Academy is a fun, exciting and unique learning experience… one of it’s only kind in the world. It brings together hundreds of youth and world experts in many areas of science, culture, life, and learning all in a wilderness nature setting.

Without the distractions of the material world, participants are given the opportunity to study and learn, side-by-side with world experts, with a clarity, focus and inner peace that is not easy to find in their homes or traditional classrooms. These areas of study touch and explore the most important issues and sciences shaping our world today and tomorrow.

Of course, there is a lot of fun and adventure during the program. When you mix all this together, the Academy truly is a modern day phenomenon of science and culture, life and learning, and hope for the future for all children and people of the world. I hope you will find this guide informative and that you will consider joining us in 2013.


About the Academy

Atlantyrkon Summer Academy of LearningThe Academy takes place on an island on the Danube river near the village and ancient Roman ruins of Capidava in Romania.  A remote and wild island for most of the year… it is transformed into a special and almost magical place for ten days each summer.

Visiting the island are hundreds of youth and teachers from all around the world. In these ten days the youth meet, interact and learn together with famous scientists, artists, writers, and other professionals in a truly unique life and learning experience.

The academy continues to change the lives of the people it touches and gives the youth knowledge and life experiences that will help them succeed in an adult world.


In 1990, a small group selected this remote island as an ideal place to go to study and learn from each other. The place served the purpose very well from another point of view: they weren’t exposed to inquisitive looks of the ones who might have denounced them as conspirators against the communist regime.

Time passed, conditions changed, but the hunger for knowledge and new experiences remained. The tradition continues, but now with the support of many different governments and organizations from around the world. This year the Academy celebrates its 22nd anniversary.


The Academy opens on Friday, 3 August with arrival of participants and closes with departure of participants on Sunday, 12 August 2013.


Have the opportunity to participate in many exciting programs with invited guests and friends for fun, adventure and learning. Click here to review the Program Guide of Classes or here for view our Participant's Guide to learn more details about life at the Academy.

World Genesis Foundation     Our Visionary of Atlantykron, Mr. Alexandru Mironov
Dr. David Lewis Anderson
 "The potential possibilities of any young mind may simply be the most fascinating, stimulating and powerful concept in our universe."
David Lewis Anderson
World Genesis Foundation
  Alexandru Mironov 
Mr. Alexandru Mironov
Journalist and Speaker of the National Science Academy of Romania.